About Us

Providing Quality Experience, the first time, every time

We are the solution-oriented contact center designed to provide quality services in Sales, Marketing and Customer Support.

We are 15 years now in the call center and BPO space with more than 3000 seats in total. We have a proven track record of success!

How We Work

Blackstar Tech provides an unparalleled class of service and approach to client satisfaction, helping them:

Increase Productivity and Efficiency

We do our best as a team to boost production in operations making our brand a reliable service provider.

Obtain Flexibility in Management and Staffing

Our flexibility defines our identity of catering to tailor-fit projects and customized client needs.

Enhance Operational Performance

Through the quality of our performance, we are able to build our client's trust and consistent satisfaction..

Our Story

We started in 2005 with only 5 seats. We have now grown to 200 seats currently! Our yearly growth and success is a testament to our drive and capability to guarantee that client goals are met.

The Bith of Blackstar Tech Solutions

We stated in 2005 with only 5 seats

Something Big

We begin to expan and we expand to 60 seat in the exiting office 

Another Expansion

We expanded with another 20 seats

Still Growing

We expanded with another 20 seats


Over 200 seats and ready to work with you 

Executive Team

John Doe

Software Engineer

Find the Right Fit For You

Competitive Pricing

Outsource a world-class team of professionals.

Industry Experts

15+ years of successful outsourcing services.


We build customizable solutions for your projects to help you achieve great success.